Ana Fajardo

Ana Fajardo is a Senior Retirement Specialist with ValuTeachers whose mission is to ensure all her clients in the school system, businesses, and individuals with diverse backgrounds can retire with financial peace. After accomplishing her business degrees, she worked in corporate America for 18 years in various upper-level positions. She became a successful entrepreneur over 22 years ago consulting clients on investments and retirement. She has her own firm with her partner where they have created a successful track record both with their personal clients as well as building teams in different states. She takes great pride in educating everyone she comes in contact with setting up and achieving their goals for retirement.

When she is not working, She loves to spend time with family including her paw babies Bellini and
Brandy. Among many passions, travel is on the top of her list.  She is a highly motivated overachiever that loves to help others and is always positive and happy in every part of her life.